Cellular development and death is not final


This was our first session in a week and I was really looking forward to holding it. I’d spoken to the Metaphysical group I attend every month about our experiences and they were very supportive and interested in doing some experiments together.

As the weather has turned and our front room is often cold, we decided to hold the session in our middle room by the kitchen. I was unsure what affect, if any, this would have on receptivity.  As usual we set our intentions before commencing the session.

Kris: Have we any ideas what we want to explore tonight, or are we just going to wait and see?

Pad: Depends who comes through. I might have a few questions if people we’ve had before come through.

Kris: Ok. Hello. (pause) I get the feeling that that’s it, we’ve done it all, it’s never going to happen again, we’ve had all we’re going to get from this…

Pad: I don’t think that happens.

Kris: Don’t you? (long pause) Do we have anyone with us? (pause) It might not like this room.

Pad: (amused) I don’t think they’re in the room.

Kris: (laughing) They still might not like this energy.

Pad: Yeh, they like the other one, it’s cold.


Kris: It’s been a while hasn’t it?

(slow movement(slow movement, then long pauseYES

            (slow movement(pause)   HOW ARE YOU

Pad: I think it was talking to you, Kris.

Kris: Were you talking to me then?


Kris: And does this have anything to do with my upset at speaking to XXXX? (pause) Just generally, how am I?


Kris: I’m very well, thank you. I am much better, however, after my talk to XXXX. She took it really well.

Pad: He might not know what you’re talking about…

Kris: Oh, ok. Who are you?


Kris: Hiya, Frank. (pause) So, did you…do you have knowledge of the conversation I had with XXXX at the weekend?


Kris: Have you any thoughts on that conversation? Anything you’d like to say about it?

(pause) FELT XXXX  (pause) WAS VERY AWARE

Kris: Mmm, it was definitely a special moment. One I sort of expected but didn’t dare hope for – how she responded. Was it you in my dream the night before? In the car? Put his hand on my hand, to help me reverse?

(pause) JOE

Kris: Joe. My dad. He sort of looked a bit like my dad, but also a bit like you, so I wasn’t sure if it was both of you, or one of you. What did the – if you can answer this – what did the dug up road symbolise? In my dream?

            HIGHER G (pause)  E (long pause) L T S C

Kris: Can I just check, was ‘High’ right?


Kris: Is there anything to add on to the end of high, or is there a new word? Or maybe you could start again?

(long pause, then quicklyHIGHER  DRIVE

Kris: Higher drive, wow! The fact that it was dug up and there was a ‘no entry’ sign, is that because I’m not ready to travel on that…drive? Is it still under construction?


Pad: Is that it…?

Kris: Well, yeh, we could just go on with that for ages, couldn’t we?

Pad: No, it’s good. ‘Higher drive’. What does it mean by it? Do you know what it means?

Kris: By ‘higher drive’, does that mean, like, my higher self, my higher self journey?

          YES  (pause) CAN YOU GET IT

Kris: Do you mean do I understand the symbolism?


Kris: I think so. I think it ties in to what we were told at the very beginning, that we’re serving our apprenticeship and that we’re possibly not ready to understand certain things yet. Or just not at the stage (where) we’re able to communicate on a different level. Is that right?


Kris: Will we know when we’re ready?


Kris: Gosh. I wasn’t expecting a date. (quietly to Pad) Dare we ask what might happen? Do you think that’s something we’d get an answer for?



Kris: Will one of us or both of us be getting on a plane? Is it that kind of flight, on a plane?


Kris: Is it astral projection?

(very slow movement) YES

Kris: Mmm. Very slow, ‘yes’, which could be ‘sort of’, I think. And is that how we’ll know, by the flight? However that manifests itself.

(very quickly) KRIS WILL KNOW

Kris: Mmm, I’m going on a flight of fancy. (laughing) I’ve got a lottery ticket in my purse, have we won?


Kris: (to Pad) I keep seeing numbers everywhere.

Pad: What, in your dreams?

Kris: No, every now and again, someone will run past and they’ll have a number on their sweatshirt, and then I’ll see a number on the back of a van. And it’salways like big black numbers on a white background…

          F (slowly at first) EEL VERY HAPPY ABOUT HER THOUGHTS

Kris: Am I very happy about my thoughts? D’you think that’s what it is?

Pad: It either means, Frank is very happy about your thoughts, or he’s saying for you to feel happy about your thoughts. Is it an instruction?

Kris: Are you happy about my thoughts, Frank? Is that what you’re trying to tell us? Is it an instruction for me to be happy about my thoughts?


Kris: Think happy thoughts.

(We took a break, during which I remembered I was booked on to do Delcia‘s Channelling workshop next month. I thought it was around the 15th Oct, but when I came back to the room and checked the flyer, it was actually 1st – 2nd Oct – early next month!)

Kris: Maybe I’ll get to speak for Frank, then.

Pad: Frank, the other night when we were talking to you, you said that the reason why you hadn’t come back was because you didn’t have any big ideas. Does that mean that you have to have a big idea before you can come back?

(pause, then slow movement)

Kris: It’s sort of pointing towards ‘yes’ and ‘no’, like that’s not as easy as a yes or no answer.


Pad: Maybe. Were you being light hearted when you said that?


Pad: Does that mean that for us to be here, we had some kind of big idea, that…


Pad: So there’s a reason why we’re here? A specific…

(slow at first then really quickly) CELLULAR DEVELOPMENT

Kris: (laughing) I love it!

Pad: We’re here for cellular development?


Kris: (still laughing) Quite mind blowing.

Pad: It’s really mind blowing, but I’m not sure what it means. Do you know what it means?

Kris: I’ve got a very basic idea from Seth.

          KRIS  K (pause)

Kris: Start again, Kris?

          K  I  P   YES

Kris: Could you start again?

(really quickly) KRIS KNOWS

Pad: Do you know all about this cellular development?

Kris: Is it the stuff I read in the Seth stuff, the Seth books?


Pad: What is it?

Kris: Cellular development? Oh, gosh, er, every single atom has a consciousness. Is that right Frank?


Kris: And every desire that we have, every goal that we set…

          PICK MEMORY

Kris: Do the cells pick a memory?


Pad: Ok, so are you going to tell me (not clear on recording)

Kris: I’m trying, there’s that much, I’m just trying to…

Pad: It doesn’t matter. It’s just that I don’t know what to ask questions about, if I don’t know what it’s about.

Kris: Would it be helpful if Pad read some more Seth?

          YES  (pauseFOR HIS DEVELOPMENT

Kris: And understanding?


Pad: Is there anything, Frank, that we have to do, or should be doing…here?

Kris: (to Pad) To aid that development?

Pad: We set out…

Kris: Did we have a purpose, you mean? Did we set a purpose for why we came?

          KEEP  DEAL

Kris: Is that like a contract we’ve made with each other?


Kris: And that’s why we’ve chosen to come through this time, to carry out that contract?


Kris: Everyone we’ve made a contract with?


Kris: So all… a lot of the people we have met in our lives, we have had a deal with? Is that right?


Kris: Is it possible that we may not fulfil that deal in this lifetime?


Kris: Because we have free will?

(pause, then slowly not quite aligned) YES

Kris: And because we may not be aware of… our true… our true…

Pad: Purpose?

Kris: No. Not our identity…

Pad: Nature?

Kris: Yeh, our true nature?


Pad: ‘Keep deal’. What’s the deal, Frank?

Kris: (amused) What’s mine and Paddy’s deal? Can you tell us, or give us some idea?


Kris: (to Pad) D’you want to know?

Pad: Yeh, what’s the deal, Frank?

Kris: What’s the contract Pad and I are working through? Why have we come together in this lifetime?

(pause) TO DEVELOP

Kris: That’s why he could tell us. (amused) Because, am I right, that’s what’s at the heart of everybody’s contract, Frank?


Kris: Because no matter what we do, it’s to develop.

Pad: Ok.

Kris: Phwor, that is…quite amazing stuff, isn’t it? ‘Cellular development’? So, shall I see if I can give you an idea of what I think it means?

Pad: An overview…

Kris: If I can, erm…. It’s like Abraham says that we’re here to keep expanding. And the way we do that is to keep asking for more, to keep wanting to change, to keep wanting more, to never be satisfied, because we’re never perfect, we’ll never get it done. And so, if we stagnate, if we think this is it and I don’t want anymore and I don’t need anymore, we’re not expanding. So we have to constantly keep striving and wanting, not striving, but wanting and desiring more. Or different, or change, or experience… So when we get one thing, instead of settling for that we go ‘that’s great, and now what I’d like is…’ And that’s something that carries through a lot of Abraham’s teachings, and to me, what that means from what I’ve picked up from Seth, and the cellular development is, every time we spark off a new rocket of desire (as Abraham calls it), it’s expanding… not expanding, what’s the word? Developing the universe and All That Is, or whatever, because that grows and expands with every new desire, every new thought, every wish, every asking.

Pad: I desire…some cheese.  And crackers.

Kris: Would you like something to just nibble while we’re…?

Pad: Yeh.

Kris: I would. See now you’ve…

Pad: …I’ve just expanded the universe.

Kris: (laughing) You’ve expanded the universe.

Pad: Shall I ask Frank if that’s expanded the universe?

(We forgot to pause the recorder whilst I got the snacks. A conversation ensues about my dream. I can’t remember if it was my dad I was speaking to (on the Ouija) when I asked if he’d be there when I told XXXX, and that I wished he could hold my hand. We discussed when I’d had the dream. I looked up my notes on the lap top as I hadn’t printed them out. I’ll include some of the conversation as it shows our thoughts on the whole experience.

Kris: I don’t know if this is a plain and simple Frank.

Pad: It might not be.

Kris: I love it, though. I love if my guide, as in a Seth kind, was ‘Frank’. (this is in reference to the ordinariness of his name).

Pad: Yeh, bring out a book called, ‘Frank’.

(Both laugh)

Kris: ‘Being Frank’, I love it.

(We carry on playing with titles for books.)

Pad: Did you know him?

Kris: Uncle Frank? Not very well, no. I probably met him about a dozen times – that I can remember – in my life.

(I carry on checking my notes on the lap top and determine that it was my dad we’d been communicating with the night of my dream. We went on to discuss how we both used to record our dreams on a regular basis years ago and how much we used to get from them when we did. I talk about how great it would be to get dream interpretations from Frank.

Pad tried to recall a couple of dreams he’d had a few nights ago. In one, he’d had a physical fight with his older brother, and in the other, someone had been painting over words he’s written on a wall. The brother dream came a night or so after he’d communicated with his dad. In the dream, his brother had turned gangster on Pad and his family; and, along with his new girlfriend, had taken their money, credit cards etc. Now, as we talked, Pad related the brother in the dream as an authority figure, a father figure, and that he’d stolen their valuables. As a teenager, Pad had felt betrayed by his dad but had been unable to express the anger and resentment he felt at the time. Now he was doing it in his dream, in which he overpowers his brother, who then leaves empty-handed.

I described a dream I had many years ago in which I found myself in my bed in Liverpool. I knew I didn’t belong there, that I had somehow gone back in time. I was confused as to how I’d got there and was trying to figure it out when the bedroom door opened and my daughters came in. They were about 7 or 8 in the dream, but in real time, they would’ve been in their late teens. They ran to the bed and jumped on it to hug and kiss me. I was amazed that I was there and overcome with emotion at seeing them at this age again. Through my tears and the kisses I covered both their faces with, I told them I couldn’t stay, that I was sorry, but I would have to go back. They didn’t want me to go, and it broke my heart to leave them, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay, that something had happened to allow me to visit them in that time for some reason. I go on to say that that’s the kind of dream I’d ask a Seth type of guide to interpret, if I had it now.

Pad: Why don’t you ask Frank, now?

Kris: Yeh, because it’s not now or then, is it? It’s just all the spacious now, the spacious present.

Pad: Is that still Frank? Frank, are you still with us?

Kris: Probably having his cheese and crackers.

(pause) YES

Pad: Kris has got a question for you about a dream that she had a few years ago, do you think you can shed some light on it?


Kris: I’m sure you’ve just heard me telling Paddy about the dream…

Pad: Why don’t you ask him if he heard it?

Kris: Did you hear…


Kris: (laughing) They never go. On a more serious note, sorry, Frank. I’m just giddy because I find this all so exciting and wonderful…

          ME TOO

Kris: Ooh, I love you, Frank. Ok, so that dream… At the time I didn’t understand it on a conscious level, but with all the stuff I’ve read now, and the understanding that I have now, I’m thinking that in some way I did sort of…do some kind of time travel, but I don’t mean past and future time travel. I sort of (struggling to find the right words) slipped into another version of me, at that time? Is that right? (pause) It wasn’t a very clear question, sorry…

Pad: Why don’t you ask him what it meant?

Kris: Can you tell me what it meant, that dream?

(long pause, then quite quicklyTIME WAS FLEXIBLE

Kris: Wow! Did my children really see me that time?


Kris: So were they confused by what was happening?


Pad: You’ll have to ask XXXX if she remembers it.

Kris: Mmm. Why did I experience that?

(very quickly) YOU ARE FIRSTLY (pause) GROWING (pause) DEVELOPING

Kris: In what way?


Pad: So ‘firstly, you are growing, developing highest spirit’. It sounded like he was going to say something else, ‘secondly…’

Kris: Is there a secondly?


Kris: I don’t know what that means.


Pad: Does that tell you what the dream means? So you travelled to then, in the dream, they saw you in their time, you weren’t there because time’s flexible…and you are firstly a growing, developing highest earth spirit. (pause) Maybe you’re the highest earth spirit…

Kris: (jokingly) Ever, in the whole world. Is Paddy a highest earth spirit?


Kris: (laughing) Good, don’t want to be on that pedestal alone. That’s sort of, just sort of feeding my ego there, Frank. I’m not into all this ascended being stuff. Gosh. Ok, this is something that I’ve been wanting to ask you… A few times in the last couple of years I’ve experienced a kind of buzzing, fizzing sensation in my body, and one time I thought I saw the head of somebody (laughs) in the corner of my bedroom. Are you aware of that experience that I had, the head bit?


Kris: Can you explain what that was about?


Kris: I had one of those fizzy, buzzing experiences where I felt like I was lifting off the bed, and I was convinced that Pad must’ve felt it because I really did feel like I was levitating off the bed. And then, for some reason, I turned my head and looked into the corner of the room behind me and there was a bearded man, the head of a bearded man, quite a big head, and he said, ‘You are a chosen one’. And then I was a little bit freaked out, and considered waking Pad up to tell him about it, and while I was deliberating whether that would be a good idea, I must’ve fallen asleep. So, what did I see? Where did that come from?

Pad: You’ve asked two questions?

Kris: Where did that image of the man’s head come from? (pause) Are you able to answer that question? (long pause)

(Pad comments appreciatively on how well the cheese goes with the digestive biscuit.)

Kris: (laughing) I’m asking profound, spiritual questions…I love how you ground me with cranberry and stilton on a digestive.

Pad: (laughing) It’s all right, Frank’s still looking for the answer.

Kris: Don’t mock. (to Frank) He’s not really…you know he’s not mocking…I hope. Is that something you can explain for me?

(hesitant) YES

Kris: So what can you tell me about that experience?

Pad: You want to know what it meant really, don’t you?

Kris: Yes. What can they tell me about it?


Kris: When you say ‘higher good’, I just need to clarify this, not that I think it is, but I just need to know. Do you mean what I would think of as…source energy?


(Pad reads out previous couple of messages and we comment on how Frank just kept repeating the phrase ‘highest earth spirit’.)

Kris: That’s a bit Abrahamish, isn’t it?

Pad: I don’t know.

Kris: I mean, in the fact that he just kept saying the same thing, like that’s it, that’s all you need.

Pad: If I was you…I would ask, what particularly the zinging feeling sensation you have in your body is, because you’ve had that several times now.

Kris: I’d like to know how to bring it back, because I’ve not been able to do it again.

Pad: One thing at a time. Do you want to know what it is, or do you want to know how to bring it back?

Kris: I want to know what it is.

Pad: Is this still Frank?


Pad: Can you tell us what that zinging is that Kris gets in her body…


Kris: (laughing) Ok, it is very pleasurable, you are right, but it feels like there’s something more than just pleasure – my understanding of pleasure – going on. Like when I felt like I was levitating off the bed… what is happening to me?

(long pause) ECSTACY

Kris: Yes I’d agree with that as well. I know, I think it was the last time it happened.. it was so wonderful the feeling that I had – the whole sense of it – that I really wanted to recapture it and didn’t want it to end. And I had all the pictures, like a film flashing before my eyes, what was that?

          LIFE  MI (pause)

Kris: Can you start that bit again…life?


Kris: It was like, y’know how they say that your life flashes before you? It was how I imagine that might be. And when I came out of it, I thought, I wonder if I was dying. Was I dying at that time, Frank? In whatever way?


Pad: How was Kris dying?

(really quickly) YOU LET GO OF PAST

Kris: Yeh, that’s why I said ‘in some way’, because I didn’t think I was physically on the verge of death, I didn’t feel that, because I wasn’t ill or anything, and I didn’t feel like I was choosing to…croak (as Abraham puts it), but I did feel like…when it was ended, I really wanted to go back and do it again. But I just felt like, like I said, life flashes before your eyes and all these flickering images, so quickly and I sensed every single one in its entirety. And it wasn’t just pictures, it wasn’t just photographs, it was like moments, like a scene on a film, but so quick and so many of them, and some I didn’t even recognise.

          HELP DYING

Kris: (to Pad) Ok, how many different meanings have we got in ‘help dying’?

Pad: It will help you when you come to die?

Kris: Yeh, I’ve got something like that and, it would help the dying. Or I could help the dying because of that. So, erm, will it help me when I physically die? Is that what you mean?


Kris: Is this something that could help the dying?


Pad: How would it help people who are dying?


Kris: (near to tears) That’s really done something. I feel really emotional.

Pad: I bet you do.

Kris: (crying) And there’s a question I want to ask but I’m too scared. Because it could just be me being dramatic now. Has this got anything to do with XXXX?


Kris: I need to take my finger off. Oh, my God.

Pad: Wow, you’re helping the dead go…you’re helping the dying.

Kris: Oh, my God.

Pad: When you’re doing your zingy thing, you’re letting go of the past that helps people die.

Kris: See again, different interpretation. My understanding was that what I’m learning is going to help people here, to die, to let go of the past. But from what you’ve just said, I got that when I do that I’m helping people in passing…

Pad: Helping people to die without fear.

Kris: Ok, then I have to find out if it’s when I’m ‘zinging’ that I’m doing that.


Kris: Is that what I’m going to do?


Kris: Ooh, that is such a beautiful thing to do. (emotional again) It’s resonating so much… Is that something that I just need to allow to happen?


Kris: It might even just be one person that I help, mightn’t it? It doesn’t have to be like, I’ve got to start this thing, setting up a business which helps people pass over.

Pad: (laughing) I can’t see you getting many takers for that. (both laughing) Put an ad in the Yellow Pages.

Kris: ‘Away without fear’. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Can you give me some hint at which capacity I will be doing this in? Any idea at all how I will be doing this?

          BY TELLING THEM (long pause) ABOUT DEATH

Kris: Sorry, it’s inevitable, what will I be telling them about death?


Pad: What are you doing your thing on? Bereavement?

Kris: (laughing) Oh my god. (groans loudly, then laughs again) That’s just…that’s not fair.

Pad: Why?

Kris: No I can’t. I can’t go into work and do a workshop on how to deal with people who are bereaved, and say ‘just tell them, death isn’t final – if they doubt it, just tell them to come to me, I’ll tell them about the flashing images and the Ouija board, that’ll sort it’.

(Recorder paused for a break.)

Kris: So, is there anything I can do to induce the ‘zinging’ in my body, Frank?

          FEEL  (pause) G (pause)

Kris: Ok, ‘feel..’


Kris: How do I do that? What do I do to feel, or be the cellular energy?


Kris: And will that allow the experience to happen again?


Pad: Is that all Kris needs to do?

(very hesitant, not quite yes, not quite no)

Pad: Is there anything else Kris needs to do?


Pad: Can you tell us what that is?


Pad: Right then, no fixed ideas. It’s hard that though, isn’t it?

Kris: I know. It’s very hard when everything has to be spelt out. Ok, well what I’ll try to do is challenge myself if I think I’m making assumptions or trying to make things go in a certain direction I think they should. Is that right? Is that a way I could do that?


Pad: You done?

Kris: Yeh.

Pad: Frank, can you answer some questions for me?


Pad: Frank, I sometimes see auras around things, but I’ve always thought they were like an afterglow from the light. Is it that it’s… is that a natural phenomenon, or do you think… Am I seeing auras?


Pad: Is it that I’m seeing the energy of things?


Pad: Could I develop this ability?


Pad: And would that be useful to my development, to develop that ability?


Pad: How might I develop that ability more?


Kris: Any suggestions on who Pad could go to?


Kris: (laughing) Frank!

Pad: (laughing) So, are you saying you could train me up, Frank?


Kris: (laughing) Yes! I love it. (both laughing) Oh, have you got the best teacher…

Pad: So, could you do that Frank, could you train me up?


Kris: How would that training manifest? Would you give Pad instructions via the Ouija Board?


Pad: How would you give me instructions?


Pad: Great, Frank. Ok, then…

Kris: You’ll have to get a journal.

Pad: …I hope to see you in my dreams.

Kris: You might not recognise him. He could come as anybody, anything.

Pad: Ok, Frank, is there something that I should do to help in my training with you in my dreams?

(long pause)

Pad: Should I keep a journal?


Pad: Is there any way I will recognise you in my dreams?


Kris: That’s it now, we’ve got to keep really working on your dreams. Will this strengthened ability aid Pad in his development?


Kris: I’m just wondering what it will do for you, but is that important, does it matter? Is it necessary for you to have some idea of why you might be able to see…?


Kris: So it will develop Pad’s trust?


Pad: Frank, on a possibly unrelated subject…

Kris: (laughing) To us…

Pad: (laughs) I experience tinnitus or some quite high-pitched sounds in my ears. Is that something…? What does that mean? What’s that about?

          LOCK  (pause) G E  (pause) Y

Kris: Maybe you need to be clearer with the question?

Pad: Why do I get tinnitus?

(very quickly) LOCK DOWN FROM

(very long pauseYES

Kris: That’s interesting. What came into my head (as it finished ‘from’) was ‘too much input’, and I said (in my head) ‘is that right?’ And it went to ‘yes’.

Pad: Mmm? Too much input, what does that mean?

Kris: Maybe, if you didn’t get it you would be just picking up too much, and it would overwhelm you.

Pad: Is that what it means, Frank, what Kris has just said?


Pad: So it’s actually helping me?


Pad: So, really I shouldn’t worry about it?


Pad: Wow! Ok. Will it diminish, Frank, at all?


Kris: As you develop.


Pad: Great. Thanks for that, Frank. Shall we leave it at that?

Kris: We’re going to finish, as you’re aware, Frank.

Pad: Is there anything else you want to tell us before we finish?

          I LOVE YOU BOTH

Kris: Oh, I love you, Frank.

Pad: We love you, too.

Kris: Thank you. We’ll be, well obviously be constantly in touch, but we’ll get to hear what you’ve got to say, again over the weekend.

(both laugh)

Pad: Probably be in touch with Frank, more than we’ll be in touch with anyone living.

Kris: Wow!


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