The Nature of Channelling

When I was on holiday in Kudesaki, Turkey last October I read Jon Klimo’s book – Channelling – investigations on receiving information from paranormal sources.  I highly recommend this book.  I decided to channel a little more on the nature of channelling and who Ortundra is.  This is what came through:

“Sometimes it is easier to say who I am not.  I am not your ‘normal’ consciousness.  Neither am I a figment of your imagination.  Rather I am what you would call a sign – something that points the way, the way forward or rather from the point where you now stand.  I am not a person or a thing or any object really.  Rather I am an aspect of Universal Mind that happens to be with you – the you that you recognise as Self that is.

There is no separation – as we keep on saying – but there is division.  Division is a way of understanding complex shifts and changes in how thought and Mind create that which is conscious – not only to you but to every living creature or thing – even trees, nature, all there is.  It is the pulsation of Mind that brings all these things into being and without Mind there is nothing and there can be No Thing because Mind is all there is.  I am Mind, if you like, or at least a gateway, a way into or a way to connect fully with Mind.  When you live fully connected to Mind, and you become Mind (which involves a process of surrender – surrender to what you may call the smaller self – ego is too used a word, treated too negatively to be of use) you live synchronisticly.”


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