We play a game with Energy


(I’d spent the previous few days in emotional turmoil, not knowing how, if at all, I could tell XXXX what we had been told. I was so scared and worried. Not only about how she would react, but how it might affect our friendship. She could easily think I was putting far too much trust in this process, tell her partner all about it which would naturally cause him some concern.

I decided that maybe I could somehow test what/who ever it was and so get a better idea whether or not to give much, if any, credence to what it had said about XXXX. I’d texted our friend, Janet, and asked her to focus on something in her house. To really concentrate on it and ‘send’ its image to us.

As usual, we set our intention.)

Kris: So we set up the experiment. Janet’s looked at something and has texted it through. We haven’t read the text yet, so I don’t know what it was she looked at. Neither does Paddy. (short pause) Hello?

          U  TEST

Kris: (laughing) Yes, we test. I’m sure that’s very insulting…


Kris: Yeh, ok. Well I hope that’s ok. Is that ok?


Kris: It’s really nice that you think of it as a game. So…

Pad: Should we ask who it is?

Kris: Oh yeh, who is it we’re talking to? Who are you, what should we call you?


Kris: Ok, well, we’ve had both our dad’s through so whose dad are you?


Kris: Hiya, dad. Ok dad, Janet, as I’m you’re sure aware, has chosen something in her house to look at…

          POTT  OF  N T 

Kris: Hang on a second. Could you do that last word again? Pot of…?

          N U D G T

Kris: Ok, can we stop? So, can we start again? What is it that Janet was looking at?

(this very clear)POT (then slower) OF (pause)

Kris: Pot of…? Pot of something.

(all very slow) L O A M

Kris: Pot of loam? Is it a plant?


Pad: Ask what the plant is.

Kris: D’you know what the plant is called? (very hesitant movement) Mmm, difficult one for it, isn’t it?

          V U W 

Kris: Ok, that’s a difficult one. Does it have a colour, and if so what colour is the main colour?

(still very hesitant movement, not resting at any particular letter)

Kris: Well, let’s just check it is a plant. Can we just clarify, was it a plant, a potted plant that Janet was looking at?

(long pause) YES

Kris: And, dad, you were into gardening, so what kind of plant was Janet looking at? What would you have called it?


(I later found out that this is Janet’s favourite flower.)

Kris: Ok. Take your finger off. I’m just going to check what Janet has sent. (I check my text from Jan) ‘It’s a painted jar, with ribbons and jewels stuck on it. It’s a blue green in colour and there is a tea light in it.’

Pad: Ok, so quite wide of the mark there.

Kris: Mmm, it’s green.

Pad: Did it say it was green?

Kris: (humorously) No, but plants are green. That’s why I was asking for colours. It was a pot, a painted glass jar. (long pause) Ok, so Janet was looking at a painted…

          TEST AGAIN

Pad: Is that because you enjoyed that?

(both laugh)


Kris: Should I text Janet again to get her to look at something?


(At this point that the recorder was put on pause and not reactivated for some time. I think I’d texted Janet to ask her to try again. What follows is in response to Janet’s 2nd text.)

          B R I V O X   S R O C S   V O S U X    V O R Y    AUTUMN TREES

(I think we checked the text at this point. ‘It’s 3 artificial flowers in a crystal mirror vase… They are different shades of pink…Very pretty…they are the shape of a sunflower.’ I read this out and got…)

          U VERY SURE   VERIFY

(We must have decided to leave the experiment at this point and ask if he had a message for someone. We also decided that we should have asked Jan to just focus on something simple – to describe it as say, a jar or a flower, to see if that made it easier.)

          XXXX   STAY STRONG

(We must have asked what it was he was to stay strong about. At this time I was assuming it meant my brother, I now wonder if it was Janet’s partner.)

          R A T M S   D   NOT MOVE    WASP

(I remember we asked some questions about wasps and wasp nests. This was where I’d noticed I’d not switched the recorder back on.)

          S A T O S  Y R U O W O R W M

Pad: Shall we stop?

Kris: Yeh. See this is when it gets…whenever we ask for definite things…

Pad: No, it gives you quite clear messages.

Kris: Well…

Pad: Go back on, ask one last time. Is this still Kris’s dad?


Pad: Do you have a message for XXXX?


Pad: And what’s the message?

          TRY  DON’T GIVE UP

Kris: That’s more in keeping with the ‘be strong’. (pause) What is it he should not give up?

          R U  (hesitant) U E V   KRIS  N P F  REST 

Pad: ‘Kris rest’.

Kris: ‘Don’t give up’. I wonder if that’s more to me than XXXX? (the glass begins to move) Is it about XXXX?

          W U (hesitant, then quickly) U ARE TROUBLE

Kris: In what way am I trouble?


Pad: Is this still Kris’s dad?


Kris: Am I in trouble?


Kris: So in what way am I trouble?


(long pause)

Kris: It’s so cryptic.

Pad: Ok. (pause) It could be because it’s just told you to rest…

Kris: Did you just tell me to rest?


Kris: Are you apologising for trouble that’s happening?


Kris: Is that about XXXX?


Kris: It is a bit of a dilemma for me. You’ve said you’ve told me so we can tell her… so I’m going to tell her, I just don’t know how much to tell her. Should I tell her everything that has happened on this…table? Every message? Should I? (short pause) Yeh, I suppose you can’t answer that one.

          BE LIGHT

Kris: When I tell her, you mean?


Kris: I will do my very best. Will you be there when I tell her?


Kris: I wish you could hold my hand. (I sigh heavily)

Pad: Are you done?

Kris: I think so. We’re going to finish unless there’s anything else you’d like to tell us or to say before we go?


Kris: I will tell her, most definitely. Just got to tell myself not to, as well.

Pad: Right, is that it?

Kris: I think so. Thank you very much, dad. Bye.

(I had a dream that night that I was driving a car and tried to go down a road that was being dug up. I had to reverse back the way I’d come, with the workmen watching. As I turned in my seat to look out of the back window, a man was sitting smiling at me. I had my hand on the back of my seat and he leaned over and placed his hand on top of mine. Initially I was annoyed – I felt that he was being patronising about me reversing, but then I realised that his touch was gentle and reassuring and filled with love and compassion, and I knew it was my dad, holding my hand.)


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