This is the first topic from my e-book, The A-Z of Wisdom & Guidance.  This book contains many topics that have been channelled from Delcia’s guide, Ortundra.  Here is the first one.


dictionary definition:  giving up or forsaking; being forsaken; self surrender; careless freedom of manner, impulsiveness

Ortundra says:  “Abandonment means total isolation, total lack of love, absolutely nobody being there for you or with you. Human beings constantly run from facing this, their deepest fear. Yet, as any of the great spiritual masters and leaders in the world will say to you, the lessons learned through facing and going through abandonment are in fact, in biblical terms, resurrection.

To be able to have the courage to face abandonment is a way forward into the future. For in knowing that you can experience abandonment and yet survive, is to know that you will never, ever be without sufficient in your life. I would say that the fear of abandonment is the root cause of all troubles in the world.”


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