Learn to feel more passion


We’d set our intention which, after the last session and Tartar, we included a bit about genuine, mature communication. We’d changed the glass to one with a narrower opening. It was heavier than the original.

Kris: Is there anybody waiting to communicate with us? Any energy?

(long pause)


(slow movement)

Kris: Is it ok using this glass?


             HELLO (slowly) D O B A S B D F E R

Kris: Who is it we’re talking to?


Kris: Hiya Frank.

Pad: Ask if it’s your Uncle Frank.

Kris: Is it my Uncle Frank?


Kris: I’ve been in a bit of a…  A bit shell-shocked since yesterday. Not feeling as scared, but still concerned about how it’s all going to work out. Have you got anything else that you can tell me or help me with?

             FEAR NOT

Kris: Ok, I get that.


Kris: (to Pad) Would you like to ask a question?

Pad: Are you finished asking about that?

Kris: I think that’s it, isn’t it? That’s what I’m going to get – Fear Not – just stay with it and Fear Not. Don’t think there’s much else can be said, is there?

Pad: Ok. Frank, I was going to ask a question. Do you know why I get a pain in my back?


Kris: What’s he anxious about? Anything specific?


Pad: Is there anything specific that I’m anxious about, Frank?


(Kris laughs)

Kris: (to Pad) You asked. Mmm, he does like to sleep in the mornings, this is true, but he works hard usually. What’s he lazy about?


Kris: We were doing so well. Do you want to try that again? What is it he’s lazy about?


Pad: Do you mean ‘medical’ doctors, Frank?


Kris: (quietly to Pad) What other doctors would it be?

Pad: Could be back doctors.

Kris: Is there anything Paddy can do to ease his back pain? Is there anything he can work on in himself to ease his pain?


Kris: (to Pad) Not sure what that’s got to do with doctors, but you’re being lazy. There must be something in there. If Pad had more confidence in himself, would he suffer less with back pain?


Pad: How do I build my confidence? How do I believe in myself more?

             MAKE SURE THAT YOU (Y E A) 

Kris: What was that? Sorry Frank, could you do that last word again?

             TAKE YOUR DOG

Kris: ‘Make sure that you take your dog’? Can we have that last one again?

A (hesitant) G (maybe) OPEN

Kris:  So Frank, we were asking what Pad can do to work on himself that will ease his back pain.

Pad: (reading notes) ‘Believe in himself’.

Kris: And he would believe in himself.

Pad: And he said, ‘make sure that you…’

             MAKE LOVE MORE

Kris: Are we talking about the sexual act of love, Frank?


Kris: Yes, ok. (laughs) Well, I think you lose a bit of credibility when you say things like that, because I don’t understand where that’s coming from – how it will help with Pad’s confidence. It’s either very, very deep or you’re just taking the Michael (teasing)


             A T  V A A  V A  R A Y

Kris: Are we talking to Ray now?


Kris: Where’s Frank?

(long pause)

Kris: Frank, can we carry on talking to you?

(long pause)


Kris: Thank you. (to Pad) Without being disrespectful, it’s a bit like the internet, isn’t it? Because we’ve only got their word for it that we are actually talking to that person.


Kris: So we’re definitely talking to Frank now?


Kris: Ok. So Frank, is it possible for you to answer questions like that about what Pad can do to work on himself to improve his back? Can you answer those kinds of questions?


Kris: Ok. So we know that he needs to believe in himself and work on his confidence…in what…

Pad: Frank, can you tell me if there’s a reason why I don’t believe in myself?

             DO BELIEVE

Kris: Are you saying Pad does believe in himself?


Kris: So why does he have a bad back? What’s the emotional or spiritual reason behind that? Can you answer that question?


Pad: Are we still talking to Frank?


Kris: Can you tell me why I developed Colitis?

             C  (long pause)

Kris: Can you tell me why I developed Colitis? What was going on for me when I got the Colitis or when that developed in me?

             YOU GIVE (pause) WAY TO A FAMILY

Kris: Does that mean that I gave in too easily?


Pad: Maybe it means because you had a family?

Kris: Is it because I had children?


Kris: Is it anything to do with this life?


Kris: In another life, I gave way to a family?


Kris: Is there anything I can do to work on myself to clear that up?


Kris: What can I do to work on myself to clear that up?


Kris: Ok, I get a couple of thoughts from that one. I get ‘leave’ and I get ‘get rid of all the junk’. Is it ‘leave’?

             CALM DOWN

Kris: I just don’t understand what you mean by ‘pack my belongings’. Can you explain more?


Pad: And?

Kris: And then what do I do?


Kris: (laughing. To Pad) Can we take our fingers off a second? Ok, that’s either psychic and picked up things that we’ve…

[We’d recently been discussing the fantasy of going to the Bahamas with some friends who may be opening a business out there.]

Pad: Was it ‘pack your belongings’?

Kris: Sell your belongings and buy ticket to Bahamas.

             EAST EDEN

Kris: That’s a film, isn’t it, Frank? East of Eden? Wasn’t James Dean in that?


Kris: I was going to ask, I’ll come back to the East of Eden…

Pad: Well is East of Eden, East Eden a place in the Bahamas?


[We’ve checked and as far as we can ascertain, there’s no such place in the Bahamas]

Kris: And is Pad to come with me?

(pause, then slowly)


Pad: (humorously) You just moved that, didn’t you?

Kris: (laughs) Yes, of course. It was quite hesitant so…

Pad: Are you not sure, Frank?


Kris: So just for clarification, Paddy should come with me?


Kris: And can I ask what we will do in the Bahamas?

             BE HAPPY

Kris: You know what? I’m with you on that one, Frank. (laughs) Anybody else to come with us to the Bahamas?


Kris: Does that include xxxxx?

(long pause)

             HER D I R A N S I Y

Pad: Can you repeat the last word?

             HER G  A

Kris: I wonder if sometimes it hesitates because we’ve said the wrong letter and it doesn’t want us to get confused?


Kris: What does that mean, ‘her cancer’? Will that prevent her from coming?

             A (long pause)

Kris: What do you mean ‘her cancer’?

(random movement)

Kris: Do you not want to answer that question?


Kris: Are you worried you’ll upset me?


Kris: Well, guess what…? You know what, if we go the Bahamas, xxxx’s coming with us.


Kris: Xxxxx? Is it xxxxx who’s the very good friend?


Pad: I think you’re…

             BE T A R

Kris: Right, start that one again.

             B E T  G

Kris: See that’s when I think it’s gone wrong and we need to clarify.

             B E T  C A  (moving around board slowly) L A

Kris: Are we still talking to Frank?


Pad: Are we still talking to Frank?


Kris: So we’re going to be happy in the Bahamas, any idea what Paddy will do to earn money there?

             SING AND GUITAR

Kris: Well, you’ve made him happy. And what will I do to earn money?


             F A L A

Kris: Not sure what that is. Can I ask again?


Kris: That’s lovely. How will we live? What will we live on? Because I’m taking it that unless Pad’s a rock star, we’re going to need lots of money.


Kris: Ok, I don’t know what a Zana is, can we try that again? I can be an ideal…?


Kris: (laughing) Oh, ok.

Pad: Yeh, you’re going to be a clown.

Kris: Am I going to be a clown, is that what you’re saying?


Kris: Yay! Is it possible we’ll already have money when we go to the Bahamas?


Pad: (laughing) Lots of money.

Kris: Ok, we’ll have plenty of money to live on when we go?


Pad: How…are we going to…

Kris: Yes, where’s the money coming from?

Pad: Yes, how are we going to get that ‘plenty of money’? Is there something that we can do now to get our money so we can go to the Bahamas?


Pad: Here what comes?

Kris: The money.

Pad: Oh, I thought it was ‘ready or not here it comes’ then he was going to tell us.

Kris: Oh, ok, maybe you’re right, yeh.

Kris: Are you talking about the answer to the question?


Kris: Well, we’re as ready as we’ll ever be, tell us.

             GET FILMS MADE

Kris: (laughing) Is it anything to do with our Spoof films?


Pad: What is it to do with?

Kris: What kind of films?


Kris: As in your kind of energy?


Kris: Is it going to be fiction?


Kris: (surprised) Oh, yes.

Pad: Is it Kris’s film script that… ( to Kris) you’ve already written about the woman who’s the psychic…

Kris: Awakenings?


Pad: There you go.

Kris: Can you give me the title of another film that we might make? Maybe one I’ve not written yet?


(Xxxxxx is the title of a Sitcom which I’ve been considering writing.)

Kris: (laughs) No wonder, ‘ready or not here it comes’.

(Both laugh)

Pad: (laughing) Thanks for that Frank. I wondered erm, is… (glass moves)

             FEAR NOT

Kris: Is that meant for Paddy in particular?


(both laugh)

Kris: (laughing) Fear not, Paddy.

Pad: I just thought that maybe Frank could tell you what you should do, where you could go with your film, to get it made.

Kris: What’s my next step? Do you know that?

             GET AN AGENT

Pad: (laughing) Frank, d’you know any good agents?

Kris: (laughing) Have you got a phone number?

Pad: Have you got the name of the agent that Kris should get in touch with?

             TONY MITCHEL

[Tony Mitchell actually exists. He’s a Canadian director – not an agent – living in the UK. He recently directed the TV series, Primeval. If you read this, Tony, by all means, get in touch :)]

Kris: (laughing) Will I find him in the artists year book?

(both laugh)

Kris: I know you said I was sarcastic, I’m really not being sarcastic. Will I find his name in the artists year book?


Kris: Yes, maybe. Will I meet him?

Pad: Of course you’ll meet him.

Kris: No, I meant is that how I get him to be my agent, that I meet him?


Kris: Are you teasing me, Frank?


Pad: So, you’ve got to get a way…

Kris: Ohh, you are in cahoots with Paddy, aren’t you? I just know it.

(Pad was always at me to do something with my scripts and ultimately my MA in Screenwriting – I was always making excuses.)


Kris: (laughing) Yeh. Are you enjoying this?


Kris: Yes, ok. It’s good fun, isn’t it?


Kris: Oh dear. Which happens first? Do I get Awakenings made, or Xxxxxx? So, should I push Awakenings first?


Kris: Should I do a re-write… I’m joking, I’m joking. Shit. (to Pad) Can we have a rest a second?

(Pad went to the toilet and I decided to have a go alone.)

Kris: Ok, Frank, I’m flying solo. Is this going to work? (pause) Or do I need Pad? Or do we need each other to disguise the movement, or to enable the movement, even? (pause)  I’d really like to know if I’m ever going to speak for you. (pause) Are you ever going to speak through me?



Kris: Ok, that was a Yes. Not sure if I did it. Did I just do that? (pause) Was that just wishful thinking? (glass moves a little. Long pause)

(Pad returns and joins in)

Kris: Ok, this is just out of curiosity…Will you ever speak through me? Oh, hold on, back up. Are we talking to Frank, still?


Kris: Good, don’t want Tartar again, or Ray. Will you ever speak through me?


Kris: Actually using my voice?

             BE MY VOICE

Kris: Well that could mean two things, couldn’t it? I could be his voice as in, I’m speaking for him, or he could actually sound, I could actually sound like him. Will I sound like you, is that what you mean?


Kris: Oh, good. I think that would be a bit freaky.

Pad: Will I ever be… speak for someone?


Pad: Will you do that again because I wasn’t sure?


Pad: Again, it’s not really sure.

Kris: Maybe because you’re not sure you really want to?

Pad: Will I…channel anybody through my voice? Will I be the voice for someone?

             SAID YES/NO

Kris: ‘Said, ‘maybe?’. Did you mean ‘maybe’?


Kris: Aha! It was in the middle of the Yes and the No.

Pad: So that’s possible? A possibility?

(response not spoken or written down)

Kris: (to Pad) Is it up to you?

Pad: Is it up to me?


Kris: Have we all got the ability to channel another energy?


Pad: Is there something I should be doing if I wanted to develop that ability?



Pad: Ok, believe.

Kris: Believe what?

             IN US

Kris: Makes sense really, doesn’t it? (laughs)

Pad: I do believe in you, Frank. That’s why I’m talking to you.

Kris: What are you, Frank? Can you give a description of what you are? (pause) I hope that isn’t rude. I know you’re my Uncle, but what form are you?

             A DEAD PERSON

Kris: Well, Seth, in a way, is a dead person, because he used to be physical.

Pad: He doesn’t know who Seth is.

Kris: I’m not asking Frank, I’m just saying to you, Seth…

Pad: Are there lots of dead people where you are, Frank?


Pad: (laughing) Is it a bit like heaven?

Kris: Honestly!


Kris: No. Thank you, Frank.

Pad: What’s it like, Frank?

Kris: Oh, I don’t know about you, Frank, but I can hear sceptism in that voice.

Pad: I just, no, I want to know what it is…

Kris: What’s it like where you are?

             FILLED BECAUSE OF (C?)

Kris: Ok, ‘filled because of…’?

(hesitant movement)

Kris: Ok, again, we asked what’s it like where you are?


(both laugh)

Kris: That’s interesting. It would be, wouldn’t it? I’d be worried if there were a few live ones there. Are you happy where you are, Frank?

             BECA (slowly) L

Kris: Oh, ok, we’re going off a bit, we’re going off-piste a bit there. Are you happy were you are, Frank?

             BECAUSE BEEN HERE LONG A D (lots of movement)

Kris: Because been here long?


Kris: That’s interesting. (laughspause) Could you come back if you wanted to?


Kris: Have you chosen not to?


Kris: Why? Why have you chosen not to come back?

             HAVE NO BIG IDEAS

Kris: Is that… Mmm, is that around creating the next stage for yourself with your thoughts? Those ideas?


Kris: Are you in some kind of learning phase?


[Omitted material]

Kris: Ok, so where do you want to go?

Pad: Well, is there anybody there who we know from this life?


[omitted material]

Kris: Can we speak to someone Paddy knew from this life? Or someone related to Paddy from this life?


Pad: Who is that person?


Pad: Wow!

Kris: (laughs) Hello, Christopher.

Pad: Hello Christopher, are you my brother?


Kris: (laughs) Stumps you, doesn’t it?

Pad: So, have you got any messages for me, Christopher?


Pad: So what messages have you got?

Kris: What would you like to tell Paddy, Christopher?


Kris: Maybe it’s for the family?

Pad: Ok, what is it?

             LAUGH MORE

Pad: Mmm, wow! Thank you, Christopher. Is there anything you want to tell me?

             I LOVE YOU

Pad: Thank you, Christopher, I love you too.

Kris: Is there anyone from your family with you, Christopher?



Kris: Is he able to speak to us?

             CALL HIM

Kris: Ooh, Pad. You need to ask him if he’s there.

Pad: Dad, are you there?

             FILL CELL WITH LOVE

Pad: Is that you dad, am I speaking to you now?


Pad: So are you telling me to fill my self with love?


Kris: And is that love to be given to somebody else? (pause) To be shared? (pause) Mmm, it’s just for you, hun.

Pad: Well… I don’t know what to say now. Now I’ve got you here.

(both laugh)

Pad: Erm…

             BELIEVE IN A (lots of movement) HIGHER GOOD

Kris: That was a close one, ‘Believe in a higher good’. (laughs) What would you have done if it had said ‘God’?

Pad: Mmm… er… well, I try to.

Kris: Is there anything getting in our way at the moment that’s preventing us to be able to open ourselves to this higher good? Let’s say me for instance, first.


Kris: So that’s what I can do…


Kris: Gosh

Pad: Ok, thanks dad.

Kris: Might be something to do with your back, hun, about making love more?

Pad: Ok, erm…

             DIVE INTO LIFE

Pad: Am I not…I’m not living life to the full? Are you saying to live life more to the full?


Kris: Does Pad hold some of himself back from life?


Kris: The Bahamas would take care of that (laughs). If we got there.

(long pause while Pad sits with his eyes closed)

Kris: Shall we finish?

Pad: No, hang on.

(long pause again)

Pad: Is there anything that you tried to teach me in our life together, that you… I haven’t learnt or that I, (getting a bit emotional) I would just like to have some understanding of what it was all about. (pause)


Pad: Ok.


Kris: He couldn’t get it any clearer than that, could he?

Pad: Yeh, I just thought there might be something… (pause)

Kris: To help you make sense of it?

Pad: To help me let go of the past.


(Pad cries)

Pad: (emotional) Ok, thank you.

Kris: (emotional) I’d like to say thank you, too.

Pad: Ok, shall we leave that for now, do you think?

Kris: Well, it’s up to you, hun. It’s a big place to leave it, if you’re happy to. There’s a lot there for you to process.

Pad: Thank you, and I love you too.

             I LOVE KRIS

Pad: Ok, thanks Dad, and thanks Christopher.

Kris: Thanks Uncle Frank. I think we’re going to finish now. Until next time? Goodbye.

Pad: Goodbye.

Kris: Powerful stuff, hey hun? Wherever it’s coming from.


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