Third time not so lucky


(This was the first recorded session, and the only one to take place in the afternoon rather than in the evening. Our friend, Janet was with us. We started whilst Pad was out of the room. We set the usual intention (see Session 1). It’s obvious now [and a little embarrassing] that we hardly left a moment after asking a question for the response to come through.)

Kris: We’d just like to say hello and ask who it is that we’re going to be communicating with.


Kris: Do we have anyone here with us at all?


Kris: I can feel…it’s interesting, I get like a sensation in my hand like there’s more to it, more to my hand. The other day, I could feel something building up in my hand and then it (the glass) started moving.

(Pad came in and the recorder was paused.)

Kris: Ok, so if there is something, someone there, can we have a name that we can call you by, or some indication that you are here?

(Movement almost straight away)

              V E R  (pause – lots of movement but no letters) B

Kris: Verb?

Pad: Verb


(Check out Session 4 to see how easy it is to miss vital information by not taking the time to consider the responses. This turned out to be my Uncle Frank, and I completely missed it this first time.)

Kris: (laughing) Frank? Ok, we were talking about ‘Frank’ earlier (visiting Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam), are you just having a joke with us?

Jan: Is this a real Frank that one of us knows?

Kris: Are you really Frank?


Pad: Maybe it was Vera.

Kris: I thought that. That it was going to say Vera. Vera Frank. Are you Vera Frank?

             WE TRY TO R (long pause, then lots of movement without stopping) W


Kris: ‘We try to..?’ Can you do that bit again?

            LOOK  AT  Y

Pad: Was it ‘you’ do you think?

Kris: Were you trying to spell out ‘you’?

Jan: (pointing to the recorder) D’you think it’s got anything to do with that being on the table?

Kris: (moving recorder to floor beneath table) I don’t know. It’s often like this anyway, a little bit.

Pad: Especially at the beginning.

             Y A X A X A X

Kris: You’re not making much sense…

(Movement continues back and forth between A and X)

Kris: Is there something you like to tell us?

Jan said something that the recorder didn’t pick up because of the noise of the glass moving on the table.

Kris: Mm, but not this though, not A and X all the time. (pause) Are you with anybody else?



Kris: Fuzzy. Maybe it’s hard for them to come through. Is that right? Is it just that you’re struggling to make a connection with us?


Pad: Or possibly that who ever it is, is trying to see us, but can’t see us properly.

Kris: Is that right, you’re trying to see us? (pause) Is that right, you’re trying to see us?

Pad: Maybe they’re trying to see the board? … could be seeing the letters.

Kris: Is there anything we can do to improve the communication between us?

(pause, slowly then faster)


Pad: What were the last few letters?

Kris: TAW

Pad: ‘Try Jan very no thoughts of taw.’

Kris: Could you try giving us the last word again? No thought of…?


Jan: That’s odd, isn’t it?


Kris: Are you saying that Jan is having thoughts of tears?


Jan: No

Kris: Am I having thoughts of tears?

             A T  D C R  (pause) HELLO

Kris: Hello?

             S  (NO) R E R (pause) HELLO (pause) S L S  (YES) Q U (lots of circles)

Kris: Do you need us to ask you a question?

(more circles)

Kris: Can we stop and think then just for a moment while we formulate a question?

(Slows down)


(At this point we decided to take a break)

Kris: Are we ready? (pause) So as I’m sure you’re aware, we were just wondering why it was suggested that Jan be the person we share it with. Can you help us with this? What might that…

             SHE PRESENT  E S E T F U G 

Kris: She present…

             R E S Q (not spoken but in notes R) P R S T E R H (O) D R

Kris: It’s very difficult for us to make sense of the letters you spell out. Is there a reason why you spell out random letters?

             R E R D S A R D A S  (HELLO)  S A T (HELLO) S W P A T

Kris: Let’s stop…

(movement continues in circles)

Pad: Do you have a message for us, for anybody here?


Kris: What’s the message that you have for Jan?

             SAVE  T E R B or C T B T 


Kris: Up to now what we’ve got that makes sense is..

Pad: Save

              F R E S N   F R E S H   S H O (R) F P F T A V B  W  N O

Pad: No?

Kris: No. It’s got a ‘NO’ down there. (I mean the tiles spelling out ‘NO’ at the bottom of our home made ‘board’.


Kris: Now?

             DO FRESH PEOPLE SHE SIN (F) G (S)

Pad: I think that was a (not clear)

               E T P Y J A U S U P 

(We discuss the spelling for a moment, the last word could’ve been ‘sings’ . Janet is a singer.)

               J T D T D T D T D

Kris: We’ve asked a question and we’re trying to work out what it says. Is it something to do with Janet singing?

(Lots of quick circles again)

(Janet laughs)

Pad: So can we ask for a message for Jan?

Kris: Can we have the message for Jan please?

              SHE SINGS T 


Jan: (laughing) Terrible


Kris: ‘To..’

             FRESH OR (circles) P (many circles)

Pad: Do you want Jan to sing?

Kris: Now?

             E R P (circles) O Q  MORE R (circles)

Kris: So is it that Jan should sing more, do more singing to fresh people? You did that last night, didn’t you? (at a party we attended the night before) Would she be successful if she did this? If she sang (not clear)

             S A R H S E R A Q (circles)

Kris: Do you have a message for anybody else?


              V E R (or S)

Kris: Was that R or S?

              S A R T D O O (E) S G T D U E U

Pad: Shall we stop?

Kris: Yes

(Recorder paused)

Kris: Can we have some more clarity on the message for Jan?

             E S T D S  N E O  DRAPER  E T E R  BEAD (very slow movement) Y

(Jan laughs in surprise)

Kris: What?

Jan: Draper? xxxxx Draper? Beady was his nickname.

(More laughter)

Jan: That is so weird. I was thinking ‘don’t go there, just no’. Ohh, that is so weird.

Kris: Is that right, has Janet got it right?

              P I N G  N I M P K Y I 

Kris: (to Janet)  He’s not dead, is he?

Jan: I don’t know.

Kris: I think sometimes they do things like that so that you’re in no doubt there’s something going on, like for me: Rex was Dog, it’s just like clarification. I didn’t know that. (about Beady) being xxxxx’s nickname)

Pad: Ok, what are we going to do? Are you interested in that Draper, Beady?

Jan: No, it’s just spooky, just really spooky. Where did that come from?

(We decided to end it as no other understandable words came through after that. I almost felt like giving up – it was so frustrating, so hit-and-miss. I wanted smooth conversation, on par with what Jane Roberts got with Seth, not gobble-de-gook and randomness. You know that saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for’? Well, my wish with our 4th session. It was a lot clearer, a lot less random…and a lot more personal and upsetting.)


2 comments on “Third time not so lucky

  1. I’m sure that must happen to everyone at some point. I’ve only done four readings. I received validation on the first three and have not yet heard from the 4th. Maybe it’s because the reading was a wash?!?!?! Well, anyways that’s the whole point of practicing, as with everything else it gets better the more you do it!

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