Illness, belief, and healing

FOURTH SESSION (Held later on 28/8/11)

Early warning for those of you of a sensitive disposition – there is swearing in this post. When you get to it you will understand why I’ve left it in – it isn’t gratuitous or done to offend or shock, it’s an honest, heart-felt reaction.

Just Paddy and Kris present.

Pad: Hello, is there anybody there?

(long pause)


Kris/Pad: Hello


Kris: Either D or E

             R E R A R I B N E P E S  A(or HELLO?)

Kris: Can we ask a question? What is the name that we should call you?


Kris: Are you related to me in any way, Frank?


Kris: Who are you? What was your relationship to me?


Kris: Can I ask another question, Uncle Frank? Something that I once asked you a long, long time ago and you wouldn’t tell me. You were part of a gang, and I think they had a name. Can you tell me the name of the gang?


             A K A

Kris: Also known as, maybe?

             THE JESTERS  

Kris: Very intriguing name for a very…violent gang if I’m right in thinking that, given why you didn’t want to talk about your time with them. Are you with anybody else, Uncle Frank? That I was related to? Maybe by their name rather that their relationship to me might be easier?


Kris: Ohh, you’re in trouble. (laughing) You’re in trouble Uncle Frank.

Pad: Why?

Kris: Because she (my mum, Frank’s sister) hated being called Nellie. Anybody else?


Kris: My dad.


Kris: Hello everyone. (laughs)

Pad: Hello again.

Kris: So glad that you’re able to get through so clearly now.

Pad: Ask if it was Frank we were talking to earlier.

Kris: Was it you we were talking to this afternoon, Frank?


Kris: Ok, so here we go. Is there anything… er… I don’t know whether we should be asking you questions or whether there are things you’d like to tell us

(very clear and quickly) GO AHEAD

Kris: (to Pad) What questions? Ok…erm… I’m reading a lot of Seth stuff at the moment. Are you aware of that kind of information that  Seth’s brought through? Are you aware of Seth, at least in the ideas that I’m reading about it?


Pad: Maybe you need to explain a little bit what it’s about – the Law of Attraction and…

Kris: Yeh, it’s all about the LOA and you get what you focus on …that our thoughts have energy. And with Seth, it’s all about simultaneous time, so that there is no past, present or future, just the spacious present. Is that something you’re aware of where you are?


Pad: (to Kris) Is there anything you want to know about from that?

(all very strong) XXXXX GOING NAME  DA E   K A K A

Kris: We’re getting a bit mixed…

Pad: No we’re not, we’re not.

Kris: Aren’t we?

             FRANK JOE (hesitant) A (pause, slowly) DIE GIVE HER A PAIN BY DECEMBER

             ALL (really strong and clear) FORMED WITH YOUR PERMISION

Kris: Is something going to happen to xxxxx in December? (pause)  Something to do with pain?



Kris: Why are you telling us this?

             SO YOU CAN TELL HER

Pad: So, ‘all formed with your permission’. So what do you want us to tell her? What is going to happen to her? What is going to happen to xxxxx?


Pad: Oh, right, ok.

Kris: (emotional) How are we supposed to…help her by telling her?

Pad: Maybe she could…

Kris: Where is the cancer going to be? Where is it going to originate or show up?

             THE COLON

(The reason we accepted this information without too much incredulity is because our friend has a medical condition that could develop into cancer of the bowel – as do I.)

Pad: If she gets it checked out now, will she be able to get it sorted out, or…

Kris: Will it be treated successfully if she gets it looked at now?


Pad: Ok

Kris: (quietly) Fuck, fuck.

Pad: (to me) Has she had any pain?

Kris: She’s bleeding. (pause) How am I going to convince her?

             AND P E R D

Kris: I’m not sure that was right..

             BY FEELING VERY GOOD YOU (pause) CAN RITE

Pad: ‘You can rite’? ‘And perd by feeling very good’. Can it be treated if looked at now?


Pad: ‘and perd’? What could that be?


Pad: Energy? So…

Kris: Is that ‘energy’ as in the energy you get when you’re rested? Is it that kind of just resting energy?


Pad: Is it the kind of energy that can be sent to someone, like Reiki energy…?

Kris: … a healing energy?


Kris: And is that what you meant about ‘feeling good’ would help her?


Kris: So…if we get the news that she does have cancer of the colon, we are not to respond sorrowfully? Is that what you mean?


Kris: We’re to be positive?


Kris: And that kind of energy will help her heal?


Pad: Hmm. Well. Can…can…mm? (sees that Kris is crying) D’you want to have a break?

Kris: (crying quietly) Oh, god. Oh. What am I supposed to do with this? I want to ask something else. Erm…what can I do for myself so that I can be in that position to be positive for her – because I’m already starting to go to pieces – so what can I do so I can stay positive…

             WORK ON YOURSELF

Kris: Work on myself (sighs) And in working on myself would that be to follow the kind of teaching that Abraham and Seth…about belief…trusting and believing?

             FEAR NOT


Kris: Ohh.

Pad: So ‘fear not’. Fear not. Think about the things that you know about and fear not. Work on yourself, that will help xxxxx. And xxxxx staying positive and enjoying herself are the things that she can do.

Kris: Can you help us to help xxxxx? Can you help somehow sending her some positive messages, I don’t know, so that she can open herself to you and to what we have to say and not shut down?

             FEAR NOT

Kris: (upset) But I am scared. It seems too big. (to Pad) You realise if xxxxx is diagnosed with cancer, life will never be the same for us.

Pad: Why?

             TELL HER VERY ILL

Kris: So she is now, very ill?


Kris: Ok. Then I’ll find a way to talk to her. It might not include this, but… Ohh…and I’ll try not to fear. (pause) Is it possible for you to communicate to us in our dreams?


Kris: I would really appreciate a visit, just to help me. Is that poss


Kris: It’s easy for you to come into our dreams, or my dreams?


Kris: Ok

             DO NOT FEAR

Kris: Ok, I’ll try not to fear. (to Pad) I need a rest.

Pad: Better that you find that out now. Maybe that’s why you…

(Recorder paused for a break)

Pad: What are you going to ask?

Kris: Why has the cancer developed. (pause) Ok, Frank, mum, dad, why has the cancer developed in xxxxx?

             X Y E/D T

Kris: Yet?

             BECAUSE SHE TO E E T A T

Kris: Oh, don’t abandon us now.

Pad: It’s alright.

             E T S

Pad: Be patient.

             C E T I R E H R F S

Kris: Ok, can I ask again? (to Pad) Does any of that make sense? Can we try again, and maybe if I reword it – what is the cancer trying to tell xxxxx…?


Kris: About what? What is she right about?


Kris: In this life, this is what she’s right about – pain? It’s something she’s right about?


Pad: Does xxxxx already know that she’s got this pain?


Kris: What, as in ‘feels the pain’?

Pad: Does she already know about it?

Kris: Mm, probably on some level.

             HER SELF KNOWS

Kris: I always believed that we developed illness because something is out of synch or we just need to understand something…


Kris: That fits in with all the kind of stuff Seth says. When people get Alzheimer’s or some debilitating illness it’s because at some level they want to leave.

Pad: Yeh, so you can’t really be…

Kris: But I can.

Pad: But she can choose differently can’t she…

Kris: I hope that’s what it’s saying.

Pad: It’s only a choice.

Kris: And it could be so that she can develop here and now…by getting over it.

Pad: You were half way through a question there and it just butted in. What was the question?

Kris: I said I always believed that illness was a way of telling us that something was out of synch and, a message. And that ‘know that she wants it’, was the most powerful message I could’ve got.

Pad: So, there’s something going on… Now… (pause) Why did it get so confused there?

Kris: We’d just come back off a break, hadn’t we?

Pad: I think that… it told us. So we know something important that could be useful… this is the thing, isn’t it?

Kris: Again, it’s thrown me because, in my head I had this image of us being like, not necessarily channelling this amazingly wise being and the world would be listening or reading the books or anything; but I just had this image of communicating with an unknown entity (Pad laughs) that would just tell us all these amazing mind-blowing (Pad: I think that is..), interesting things about the universe. Not personal stuff like this. Not heavy stuff.

Pad: But perhaps in a way it is, because you already know a lot of that stuff from reading Seth, and it’s telling you something useful. (Kris: Oh, I know that) It’s not all doom and gloom is it, because it’s saying you can, she can do something about it.

Kris: It’s big though, isn’t it? It’s a life and death thing. This isn’t about change your job or you’ll get an ulcer.

Pad: Yeh, but all she has to do is go and get it checked out, doesn’t she?

Kris: Ok, so we, or I tell her or talk to her about it, and ask her to get it checked out and she does, will conventional medicine help her?

             SHE RELY ON IT

Kris: And of course the reason I said that was a silly question is that of course it will help her if she believes it will help her.

Pad: And that’s why she won’t listen to you with the AMP (an Aloevera product I’ve been using successfully for years to treat my condition, but xxxxx won’t consider using, no matter how much I badger her about it.) because she believes the doctor’s going to sort it with conventional medicine.

Kris: There’s a part of her that doesn’t trust the AMP – is that right?


Kris: So conventional, orthodox treatment…


Pad: You do your thing you get better, so she does her thing she gets better, is that right?

Kris: I think so.

             KRIS CALM DOWN

(Pad laughs)

Kris: You always get me when you use my name. (emotional) Ok.

Pad: Calm down.

Kris: (laughing) That (Frank) sounds like you.

Pad: Yeh.

Kris: You in cahoots with Paddy?


(Both laugh)

Pad: Nice one, Frank.

Kris: Oh dear. Yes, you need to make me laugh now.

[Personal section omitted.]

Kris: And? And what will that do? What am I supposed to get from that?


             YOU ARE PERSON WHO IS DE (pause) I

Kris: Person who is? Can you start that again?

             DEMON COAXER

Kris: Demon Coaxer?


Kris: Is this supposed to make me feel good?


Kris: No? Thanks.

Pad: So, is Kris a… are you saying she’s a hoaxer?


Pad: Is this still Frank we’re talking to?


Pad: Who are we talking to now?


Kris: And do you know me, Tartar?


Kris: Were we friends?


Kris: And did I play tricks on you?

             YES  VERY MANY

Kris: Were they playful tricks?

(Pad laughs)


Kris: Thank fuck for that.


Kris: Were you in the Jesters?

             YES  KRIS

Kris: So you know or knew Uncle Frank?


Kris: Was I in the Jesters gang?


Pad: How could you be in the Jesters?

Kris: They were around before I was born.

Pad: Were they?

Kris: Yes, in the 30’s or 40’s. What was my name?


Kris: What was my surname?


Kris: What was my surname?

(more circles)

Kris: Oh come on, tell me my surname.


Pad: Does that make sense to you?

Kris: I don’t know the name. So was Tartar a nickname for you?


Kris: Why was I called Blackie?

             RUB PEOPLE OR H O C L

Kris: Why was I called Blackie? Try again, How did I get that name?

             IS  E F O A QUEEN FOR  K R S   I L P   LAME PERSON

Pad: Ok Tartar, have you got anything to tell us that is going to be useful to us now?

             SAY THAT AGAIN

Kris: Our intention for doing this is to grow spiritually and to get wisdom and guidance from intelligent energy forms; and so is there anything, any wisdom or guidance you can give us now?

             DOUBT IT

Kris: Ok, well, erm. We’ve been at it for an hour and a half.

Pad: Ok, well in that case I think we should call it a day and say thanks very much Tartar, and everybody else who’s been talking to us…

Kris: Can I… I just want to see if we can do this anyway, but can I ask Frank or my mum to come back?

Pad: Can I ask also was the whole xxxxx thing a hoax as well or is that, was that real? Can we ask that first? So whoever is talking to us now can…

Kris: Can we get clarification…

Pad: Can we get clarification on the xxxxx situation that we talked about earlier. Is that real or is that…

Kris: …the truth.

             JUST BELIEVE

Pad: And can I ask who are we talking to now?


Pad: Ok, thanks Frank.

(long pause)

Kris: Frank, we’re going to be (movement) finishing now so…


Kris: Well, we love you too. Well, I do, Pad doesn’t know you. (laughs)

Pad: Thanks, Frank.

Kris: Thank you. I’m sure we’ll speak again, won’t we?

(long pause)

Kris: Gone.

This was one of the hardest sessions we’ve ever had to date. It brought up so many questions and doubts for me that it was hard to even consider doing another session, and yet I was intrigued by those aspects that were so obviously filled with love and compassion. This was the beginning of a period of intense development, for me especially. My dreams took on new meaning, depth and a level of guidance I’d only experienced occassionally in the past. It was partly because of these dreams that I knew there was something very special happening.


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    • Incidentally, my friend didn’t go on to develop cancer, but I’m still awaiting test results. One thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that time doesn’t mean the same to them as it does to us. We’ve since stopped trying to get dates and time scales for events they ‘predict’ – another dodgey area as we all have free will and so many probable lives that nothing could be predicted with certainty.

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