Is anybody there?

What follows is the complete transcript of our very first Ouija session. I’ve included this one in its entirety to give you the chance to see how things began and to get a good idea of how we reacted to what was coming through. Check out our Communication Board and Seth pages for more background information.


(This was the first session Pad and I did together. I’d tried it a couple of times on my own earlier in the week, without any real success. Pad and I had tried the Ouija (or our version of it using a glass and scrabble tiles!) once before several years ago, but didn’t get so much as a twitch, so I wasn’t sure if anything would happen. What we did differently was to set a positive intention for what we wanted to get from the session. We asked to ‘communicate with the highest possible intelligence, with love and respect for mutual growth and development’.

We were both really surprised when the glass began to move within seconds of asking our first question. It then continued to move quite quickly and easily around the letters. At that time, we both shared taking notes as we had to keep swapping our hands as they got tired. We didn’t bother recording our earlier sessions as neither of us really expected anything to happen’.

As corny as it might seem, we did actually open the questions by asking, ‘Is anybody there?’.)

‘What should we call you?’


(As with successive sessions, the glass would move around the board picking out seemingly random letters, with the occasional recognisable word or phrase. We hadn’t made a note of the all the questions asked or who asked them, only the responses, so this session doesn’t flow as well as the later ones when we started to record them.

I’d noted that we’d next asked if ‘it’ (I was still reluctant to use the name it had given as I didn’t quite believe it was my dad) wanted to speak to one of us or had a message for us. The gaps indicate pauses as well as separating recognisable words.)


(I have a brother Alan.)

             P  W R  PRAY FOR M H  VEY  DAY

(At some point we were informed that my Mum was there too.)

              P U U T  S P U T O R W U  MUM VERY  P Y L P M O Y  Z J M U T U  F I R O S B

(I’d been asking Pad if he thought it was my subconscious. He said he didn’t think it mattered where it came from. I was excited and very surprised as I’d never expected anyone I knew to come through. As we were speaking, fingers still on the glass, it began to move again.)

              TEST  YOU  QUESTION

(Not sure if we asked a question but we then got lots of random letters again.)

              WE  R A X   G  W A D Y  N U M W O A   T I O U   ARE   T D R E T.

(All of this was taking a long time, with long pauses between letters and words. I was getting a bit tired by now, and more than a little frustrated by the fact that there was so much randomness amongst what were obviously real words. What came through next completely floored me, rendering me speechless.)

               W  ALWAYS LOVE YOU   A W M A T  A T Z

(I didn’t know how to respond. I still couldn’t take it in and wondered if we were somehow doing it unconsciously. The next bit made me laugh. When I was about 9 or 10 some family members had a go of a proper Ouija board at my Nan’s house. Above her living room door was a picture of a dog she’d once had and loved. His name, Rex, was written at the bottom of the picture. We’d asked the presence at that time to name it, which it did.)

              REX  WAS  DOG  H S  H S E   W F X  MISS  S U M Y T  K R J Y  JUST GO 

              E D Y FW Y F Y L R

(The rest of the session made more sense and caused me to get quite emotional at times.)


              MUMY LULNASBY KRIS

(Somehow what I got from that was that it referred to a lullaby that I used to sing to my daughters, when they were little. I told Pad and he suggested I sing it. I felt a bit self-conscious about singing to a shot glass and scrabble tiles, but did it anyway.

            Come to me my melancholy baby

            Cuddle up and don’t be blue.

            There’s no need for foolish fancy baby,

            Honey you know I’m in love with you.

            Every cloud must have a silver lining,

            Wait until the sun shines through.

            Smile my honey dear, as I kiss away each tear,

            Or else I will be melancholy too.

I was doing my best not to cry as I finished, especially when the glass moved again.)

              I SING FOR YOU TOO

(Even Pad had been close to tears by this time, and by now mine were rolling down my cheeks.)

             YOU FOR VERY MUCH  T O R S O

(I’m not sure why – maybe it was a sign of things to come – but we both agreed that we’d thought it was going to spell out ‘forget’ or ‘forgot’. I suddenly remembered a time when my eldest was a baby. She was in bed and wanted me to sing the song Nanna sings. I couldn’t remember the words so I called mum on the phone and she sang the song to me. As if things couldn’t get more emotional we then got…)

              PADY LOVE TOO

              T H  xxxxxx  IS DEAR TO US  Z M  TOO  

(For privacy reasons, I’ve omitted the name which was spelled out. We joked that we now knew it wasn’t either of us pushing the glass as neither of us felt this person to be dear to us. Even so, we were both happy to get this, as it not only validated unconditional love – something I would have wanted to experience from whoever we were in contact with – but it also confirmed that this was coming from somewhere beyond us.)

               KRIS  RLX  W  REST OR ILL  V L P K L

               QUESTION FOR YOU   R T N O   IS L U N S Y  



(The tears were really flowing by now.)

‘Thank you, I love you too.’

               TIME TO GO

(We stopped then, and talked for about an hour about what had taken place. My abiding memory of that session was the love I felt all around me and especially in the some of the words spelled out.)

We’ve learnt a lot since that first session. We now know to wait longer when we ask a question – sometimes the answers come very quickly, sometimes slowly. I’ve also since read Jane and Rob’s full transcript of their first sessions, and there are striking similarities between our respective Ouija experiences. They too had a couple or so sessions that had recognisable words mixed in with random letters or seemingly random words. As frustrating as it was at times – like when the glass would just move around in circles without spelling anything out – I can’t begin to say how glad I am we didn’t give up. We’ve got so much from the experience, and it just keeps getting better and better.


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